Babble on 2011

Babble on “Who am I ?”

A question asked by my dear young friend recently,

When Nietzsche cried out, “We killed Him !” the subject “I”, transcendent, grounded,

God given, moralistically set by traditional power systems also made its exit.

Existentialists somehow managed the glimpse of it to reappear “We do not know where it came from,

but  “the I is, the question is what to do with it”.

The structuralists contemplated, “a product of culture therefore, linguistically borne out of control systems”

The post structuralists declare, “the subject “I” is dead.” No more authors.

Here comes Deleuze. “The subject ‘I’ , never existed in the first place,

it appears in the aesthetic moments either in creation of art or appreciation of it,

or on the edge of the immanence which is  life itself.”

or Battaille, “ In extreme erotic moments.”