M.F.A. Thesis Exhibition 2006

M.F.A. Thesis Exhibition, Johnson State College by Won Lee
To me, a sculpture is an event.
Making a sculpture is a chain of events.
Every stage of completing a piece is an encounter, preliguistic, ungrounded, non-representational, immanent encounter.
In the clay mold process,
there is an encounter with a model, her little chatters, slight body movements, sparkling skin with its intense sensuality,
clay with its own materiality,
the slanted morning light, the stillness of the air of the time.
Hands move on their own, building a form, melted sum of the moment’s difference.
The form emerges and join in, in the singular encounter of the moment.
The moment is the past, the present, and the future.
The moment radiates its difference through the form.
Encounters of clay with plaster mold, plaster mold with fiber glass, fiber glass with rubber mold, rubber with wax mold, wax with ceramic mold, then the red hot liquid bronze into the ceramic shell.
In the patina process, intensity of heat, chemical density, bronze materiality, all pour their differences to produce the final difference of the bronze piece.
Accidents are preciously embraced, for they too have their own say in this foray.
When completed, hopefully, the piece stands on its own, exuding its individuality with its affect, intensity, potentiality to deterritorialize, decoded flow of desire, body without organ, its singular difference.
Meeting with the completed sculpture is also an event.
The difference of the moments inform the difference of the sculpture and engage to produce “ incorporeal materiality.”
Therefore, the affects of the piece linger briefly on thoughts and flood into the senses with a thousand repetition.
All in a good day.
Dec, 13th 2006. inspired by Deleuze